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Founded in 19XX, UFCU has been serving the community for over XX years. Our journey began with a simple mission: to provide accessible and equitable financial services to all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance.

Over the years, we've grown from a small cooperative to a trusted financial institution with a diverse membership base. Our commitment to social responsibility and financial inclusion has remained unwavering, guiding every decision we make and every service we offer.

At UFCU, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial security and independence. That's why we've made it our mission to empower individuals and families with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to build a brighter financial future.

Today, we continue to uphold the values of our founders and remain dedicated to serving the needs of our Members and the communities we call home. Join us on our journey towards a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


United Federal Credit Union (UFCU) is an American federally chartered credit union based in St. Joseph, Michigan. Originally chartered in 1949, UFCU has more than 194,000 Members in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The credit union assets in excess of $4.0 billion as of April 2024. United has 38 branches in six states: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas.

Products and Services

United Federal Credit Union offers a diverse array of products and services for businesses and individuals, including:

Our Mission

At United Federal Credit Union, our mission is to provide superior financial services to our members in a convenient and professional manner while maintaining fiscal integrity. We are committed to fostering the financial well-being of our members and communities we serve.